Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 Week!

Sort of felt like blogging since i'm bored.. My life right now consists of Studying, Eating and going to the gym. In 1 week I will be in a car driving down to FLORIDA! So excited to get tanned and be relaxed and go to HARRY POTTER LAND!.. If you guys have any suggestions on where I should go/what I should do please tell me! I'm going to Sarasota, Florida. I hope everyone is getting through Exams ok, if you're in them right now.

xo allegra


  1. Oo, it sounds amazing! :)
    Can I ask for some postcards from Florida ?

  2. some requests:
    makeup collection
    outfits of the week
    orgazational tips / study tips
    whats on my ipod? (if you have a touch)
    love your videos! i hope you continue to make lots cause they're amazing!!